To facilitate required data collection and communication between HOPE Consortium providers, the HOPE Consortium has developed a REDCap-based health information exchange platform.

A health information exchange is not an electronic health record and does not contain detailed information regarding client treatment. Rather, it provides a venue for the collection of data required by the funder while also allowing for brief communication among HOPE Consortium partners despite differences in local processes and record keeping practices.

  • For an overview of the HOPE Consortium Health Information Exchange, including information about why REDCap is used for this purpose and how data are protected, please click the button below.
    Health Information Exchange Overview

  • HOPE Consortium providers with REDCap access can use the REDCap Login button to access the health information exchange.

  • For instructions for REDCap use, please access the User Manual below and note the video tutorials on the left side of the screen after logging in.
    REDCap User Manual