Client Consent

Eligible individuals must consent to participation before becoming a HOPE Consortium client.
To be eligible, an individual must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Reside in Forest, Iron, Oneida, Price, or Vilas county or Forest County Potawatomi, Lac du Flambeau, or Sokaogon Chippewa tribal community
  • Have a diagnosis of an opioid and/or methamphetamine use disorder

Consent Form

The HOPE Consortium consent process is facilitated by two documents. The first is a one page fact sheet briefly describing the benefits and risks to the client associated with participation in the HOPE Consortium program. The second is the HOPE Consortium Consent Form and describes in detail eligibility for participation, the purpose of the HOPE Consortium, benefits to the client, potential risks to the client, and where to turn for questions or additional help.

One Page - Client Fact Sheet     HOPE Consortium Consent Form

Release of Information

In addition to the consent form, clients must also sign an annual HOPE Consortium Release of Information (ROI), which allows providers to access client data via the REDCap health information exchange platform. The HOPE Consortium ROI is specific to sharing of data entered into the REDCap database and does not take place of routine released put in place between treatment providers sharing care of a patient.

An annual date for ROI update is selected for the entire HOPE Consortium and all clients will be asked to re-sign an ROI at this time, even if it has been less than a year since original signature. Next scheduled ROI update: January 2021

Release of Information (ROI)

Consent Process

HOPE Consortium partners are responsible for establishing a local process for explaining the program to potential clients and getting signature on the HOPE Consortium Consent Form (see page 5). The last page of the Consent Form must be signed and dated by the client, with printed name of the client and date of birth provided for identification purposes. The individual presenting the material to the patient must also sign, date, and provide printed name. After signature, the signed last page of the consent form must be scanned and uploaded into the HOPE Consortium REDCap system. The original document will be kept on file with other AODA records at the HOPE partner organization.

Consent Process     Complete Enrollment Packet