2019 HOPE Consortium Conference

2019 HOPE Consortium Program Booklet

2019 HOPE Conference Speaker Biographies

PowerPoints and Handouts

Keynote, Baked and Wired, Dave Nelson, PhD

Session 1, WI Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) Overview for Law Enforcement, Andrea Magermans

Session 2, Natural Methods for Managing the Anxiety of Withdrawal, Dave Nelson, PhD

Session 3, Drug Trends Related to Marijuana, Sheila Weix, MSN, RN, CARN

Session 4, An Introduction to Trauma-Informed Responses for Criminal Justice Professionals, Ashley Drexler

Session 5, WI Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) Overview for Providers, Andrea Magermans & Brooke Bartholomew, SAC-IT

Session 7, Historical Trauma and Inter-Generational Trauma Effects on Tribal Families, Alton “Sonny” Smart

Session 8, The Impact of Scarcity, Tony Iniguez

Session 8, Handout, Tony Iniguez

Session 10, Family Circles 7 Grandfather Teachings, Brian Jackson & Lisa Schuman

Session 11, Living on a Budget, Jean Yeater

Session 11, Living on a Budget, Michael Larson, PhD

State Panel Updates

Session 12, Evidence Based Practices and Collaborative Supervision, Ashley Drexler

Session 13, Readiness for Recovery

Session 14, Supporting the Challenging Client in Recovery, Lorie A. Goeser

Session 14 Handout, Lorie A. Goeser

Session 15, Stealing Your Smile: Substance Abuse and Your Teeth, Kirandeep Kaur, DDS, Janis Falesch, RDH & Shari Danielson

Session 17, Pee with a Purpose: UDT and Other Assessments to Monitor Treatment Adherence and Progress, Michael Larson, PhD

Session 18, Benefits of Utilizing an Integrated Model of Treatment for Co-occurring Disorders, Katherine Tagalos

Closing Keynote, The Dark Storm in the Bright Sky, Lorie A. Goeser